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Super Bowl Commercials Go Cross-Media in Record Numbers

TV_Laptop_comboThis year’s Super Bowl commercials sported a distinctly digital theme. For starters, nearly half of the network TV ads were delivered digitally via the Extreme Reach platform. Also, a record number of Super Bowl commercials were introduced both on TV and online. And, during the game, most TV ads aimed to drive viewers to the Web.

The ad industry’s biggest event is an insightful indicator of advertising trends. This Marketing Land article points out some interesting cross-media trends among this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. More than 80% of ads that aired during the Super Bowl featured an online call to action, driving TV viewers to Twitter, Facebook, or branded webpages. Almost all of these digital destinations featured interactive video content, taking the opportunity to directly engage with TV viewers once they made the jump online.

TV and online video advertising can be interconnected in a variety of ways that leverage the unique advantages of each medium while gaining new benefits from tying them together. Here’s an example of how stunning HD TV ads can now be instantly transformed into interactive ads for online video campaigns.

Extreme Reach Network Hits New Milestone

tom-falconeYou’ve come a long way, baby.

It seems it was only a very short time ago that TV stations began receiving their ad content via the internet.  In the early days, they said it couldn’t be done. But now, it is arguably the preferred transmission method.

In December 2012, Extreme Reach achieved an amazing milestone: 99.9% of broadcast TV stations in North America now receive their commercials electronically via Extreme Reach.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the broadcasters that have helped us achieve this milestone.  By doing so, they now receive their ad content in the most efficient manner possible. And according to WFFF/WVNY Operations Manager Ken Kasz, “Life is so much easier now. It’s clear that you guys have been doing this long enough to make it easy.”

It’s the cloud computing technology behind the Extreme Reach platform that enables advertisers and broadcasters such as WFFF/WVNY to work smarter, faster and much more efficiently.  This efficiency, speed and accessibility was paramount during our recent election year, and is an ongoing concern for broadcasters when they face inclement weather. Each year, severe storms bring standard shipping methods to a halt and adversely impact content delivered via satellite.

So, if you’ve been contemplating the move to file-based ad deliveries, it’s never too late.  Extreme Reach is here to make it easy.

Tom Falcone is the Vice President of Network Relations at Extreme Reach.

CALM Down: Are You Prepared For The CALM Act?

BrianBlogIt’s time to turn down the volume! In mid-December, content providers will face new challenges as they strive to comply with the CALM Act’s new audio level regulations for commercial advertisements. Fortunately, your team at Extreme Reach is here to help.

The FCC’s Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act takes effect December 13, 2012. Under this law, media uploaders and TV media must strive to tone down excessively loud commercials so that consistent audio levels are maintained from program to interstitial material. Content providers are already implementing new procedures and installing new monitoring equipment to prepare for these new regulations, as failure to comply with the CALM Act could result in significant fines.

To help you avoid these penalties, the Extreme Reach support team can offer suggestions and make recommendations to help you meet these new requirements.

The Extreme Reach platform and quality control capabilities will also be key in monitoring uploaded ads to see if they meet the CALM Act’s standards. If content does not conform to the new CALM specifications, the Extreme Reach team can normalize the file to meet the new loudness requirements. If the content is too far outside these requirements or cannot be normalized correctly, our support team can work with providers to re-submit content that meets the proper specifications.

The transition to these new regulations might seem challenging at first, but our team is here to guide you through this process. For more info on the CALM Act and how Extreme Reach can help you prepare for the December 13 deadline, check out this handy reference sheet or contact our support team.

Brian Kloeckner is the Director of Video Technology at Extreme Reach.

The Cloud Is Green

While you’ll find there’s plenty of reasons to switch to Extreme Reach, there’s also a bunch of eco-friendly benefits that come with using our platform.

Did you know…

  • The Cloud leaves a lighter carbon footprint. By harnessing the cloud, our platform eliminates tons of materials, fuel & costs associated with the satellite ad delivery model.
  • The Cloud conserves petroleum. Each video tape uses about a gallon of petroleum in manufacturing… and that’s before shipping. Using our platform, our clients have eliminated hundreds of thousands of tapes & conserved thousands of tons of petroleum.
  • The Cloud saves trees. Our cloud-based platform and paperless workflow drastically reduce the amount of paper used in each Extreme Reach facility.

And going green provides more than just green perks:

  • Our cloud-based platform delivers your ads faster than satellite ad delivery – no rocket trips required!
  • Going green means that you save some extra green, too — with our platform, advertisers save time, energy and money.

And that’s just for starters! Find more reasons to go green with Extreme Reach on our new Green page.

Nearly All Ad Deliveries Via Extreme Reach Are Now Digital

7k affiliates

Our network just hit another major milestone!

Extreme Reach now has more than 7,000 video affiliates across the US and Canada, making just over 98% of our TV ad deliveries digital. (Feeling crafty? We’d like to suggest this new use for tape.)

Our network also digitally connects to 30 percent more TV and HD TV media outlets than any other.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Our cloud-based ad platform currently helps over 2,500 advertising clients deliver more than 98% percent of their TV commercials digitally. With Extreme Reach, your TV ads can be delivered in minutes. And we deliver to nearly every TV destination in North America – all while eliminating the costs and delays associated with dedicated hardware and satellite infrastructure. Advertisers can now execute broad-reaching ad campaigns faster and connect to more media and larger audiences in record time.

Find more details in this new article.

Extreme Reach Continues To Expand With New Detroit Office

Detroit office sign

We’re very pleased to welcome our newest team members as we open our brand-new Detroit facility. Our eighth office, located in America’s auto capital, has been staffed with Detroit’s most experienced industry Sales and Service professionals. It also features a state-of-the-art video production facility that provides the full gamut of production services.

Learn more.

New HD Trends Report Reveals Opportunities for Regional Advertisers

HD Advertising TrendsThe Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q3 HD Advertising Trends Report this week. Among other things, this edition took a closer look at regional HD advertising trends with a focus on specific verticals and top markets. Generally, regional TV advertisers distribute a significantly lower percentage of their advertising in HD than their national counterparts.

Auto dealerships and retailers in particular were highlighted with deep dives into how they can gain an edge by advertising in HD. HD adoption and distribution patterns were also examined in the top 25 markets, revealing opportunities to make a greater impact by advertising in HD.

Some of the highlights from the report:

  • 73 percent of local broadcast outlets accept HD in the top 25 markets.
  • Retailers and auto dealers are national advertising leaders, but lag in regional HD ads.
  • 12 percent of regional TV ads are delivered to TV media in HD. The national average is 20 percent.

For more details, download a free copy of the Q3 HD Ad Trends report.

Extreme Reach Appoints Chris Lutz as New VP of Regional Operations

We’d like to welcome industry veteran Chris Lutz as our new Vice-President of Regional Operations. Based in New York, Chris will oversee operations of our New York, Chicago and Los Angeles offices.

Chris comes to Extreme Reach by way of Filmcore Distribution (now a division of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group), where he was General Manager/VP of National Services. Prior to that, he’s held key management positions at Ascent Media and DG Systems (now DG FastChannel).

Chris is one of many highly-regarded industry professionals that have recently left one of our competitors to join the Extreme Reach team.

You can read more about Chris and why he’s excited about his new role at Extreme Reach in this press announcement.

New Q2 Trends Report Reveals Recent Surge in HD Advertising

HD Advertising Trends Report

The Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q2 HD Advertising Trends Report this week. The report highlighted the surge in HD ad distribution over the last six months. HD ad delivery increased by about 50 percent in the first half of this year over H2 of 2010. Contributing factors to the recent growth in HD adoption are also examined.

Here are some of the highlights:

• There was a 50 percent increase in HD ad distribution in since 2010
• Cloud-based distribution has reduced HD ad distribution costs by 30%*
• 20 percent of all TV ads were delivered in HD last quarter
• 94 percent of local HD media outlets now receive HD ads digitally via a cloud-based distribution channel

For more details, download a free copy of the Q2 HD Ad Trends report.

*Based on average HD distribution savings for our clients who have switched from DG FastChannel to Extreme Reach.

Extreme Reach Moves into New Burbank and Louisville Facilities

LA office

Our new Burbank location.

Extreme Reach continues to grow as we move into our new office buildings in Burbank, CA and Louisville, KY. Our expanded offices accommodate our growing Client Services, Sales and Production teams, and increases our video production and service capabilities for both our west coast and national clients. Learn more about our video production services and brand-new facilities in this press release.


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