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Extreme Reach Acquires Spotlight Business Affairs

Extreme Reach and SpotlightExtreme Reach has announced they have acquired Spotlight Business Affairs, a leading commercial talent rights management and payment company. Together, the two companies will provide the industry’s first video advertising platform that automatically ensures every commercial asset delivered for use on TV or on a website has been authorized for that specific usage before the ad can be delivered or served.

The integration of talent and distribution on a single platform will eliminate unexpected costs and risks for advertisers and agencies. The combination has broad-reaching implications for TV and online video advertising. It will eliminate unexpected costs and risks associated with potential breaches in talent and rights agreements for advertisers and agencies. The elimination of those concerns will subsequently enable greater efficiency in cross-channel campaign execution, improvements in cross-channel audience experiences and an expanded array of creative options for online video advertising.

As a result of the acquisition, we’ll now offer talent payment, outsourced traffic, and network clearance services, all of which will be integrated into the Extreme Reach video advertising platform.

To find more information about the Extreme Reach acquisition of Spotlight Business Affairs, learn more in our latest press release.


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