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NBC Selects Extreme Reach to Streamline the Distribution of Promotional TV Spots


Extreme Reach has announced their partnership with NBC to deliver promotional spots from NBC’s production centers to their network affiliates across the country. With the Extreme Reach video distribution solution, NBC on-air promotion spots are now distributed faster and earlier each day, allowing significantly more local airtime for each promo.

Until now, the daily process of delivering NBC’s promotional spots via multiple satellite feeds to network affiliates created a significant lag in promo distribution. But with this new program, which NBC has named CliC (Connect, Locate, Integrate, Communicate), Extreme Reach eliminates the manual steps and the scheduling dependencies of satellite feeds, providing millions of dollars of value to the network and saving each NBC affiliate hours of labor each week.

Since CliC’s launch in mid-June, more than 100 NBC affiliates across the U.S. have upgraded from their satellite-based delivery model to the Extreme Reach cloud-based solution. Additional affiliates are signing on every day and NBC plans to completely phase out satellite-based distribution of daily short-form promos by the early part of 2012.

For more information on CliC and the NBC-Extreme Reach partnership, learn more in our new press release.


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