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The Numbers are Really Adding up: 99.8% Digital Delivery and 100% Satisfaction.

100%-Satisfaction_Badge_200x200_revWith more than more than 7,500 TV broadcasters in our digital delivery network, we’ve been able to help clients deliver a staggering 99.8% of TV ads digitally. That’s significantly more than any other distribution service by a long shot. And those TV broadcasters all seem pretty pleased with our partnership too.

Thanks to our advanced video platform and world-class service, we’ve managed to earn a whopping 100% satisfaction rating among TV broadcasters. We know we can do better though. At Extreme Reach, we thrive on feedback from our clients and partners, whether it’s about our platform, our services or anything else. If you have an idea for how we could do a better job or help in any way, please let your Client Manager know.

Super Bowl Commercials Go Cross-Media in Record Numbers

TV_Laptop_comboThis year’s Super Bowl commercials sported a distinctly digital theme. For starters, nearly half of the network TV ads were delivered digitally via the Extreme Reach platform. Also, a record number of Super Bowl commercials were introduced both on TV and online. And, during the game, most TV ads aimed to drive viewers to the Web.

The ad industry’s biggest event is an insightful indicator of advertising trends. This Marketing Land article points out some interesting cross-media trends among this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. More than 80% of ads that aired during the Super Bowl featured an online call to action, driving TV viewers to Twitter, Facebook, or branded webpages. Almost all of these digital destinations featured interactive video content, taking the opportunity to directly engage with TV viewers once they made the jump online.

TV and online video advertising can be interconnected in a variety of ways that leverage the unique advantages of each medium while gaining new benefits from tying them together. Here’s an example of how stunning HD TV ads can now be instantly transformed into interactive ads for online video campaigns.

Extreme Reach Network Hits New Milestone

tom-falconeYou’ve come a long way, baby.

It seems it was only a very short time ago that TV stations began receiving their ad content via the internet.  In the early days, they said it couldn’t be done. But now, it is arguably the preferred transmission method.

In December 2012, Extreme Reach achieved an amazing milestone: 99.9% of broadcast TV stations in North America now receive their commercials electronically via Extreme Reach.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the broadcasters that have helped us achieve this milestone.  By doing so, they now receive their ad content in the most efficient manner possible. And according to WFFF/WVNY Operations Manager Ken Kasz, “Life is so much easier now. It’s clear that you guys have been doing this long enough to make it easy.”

It’s the cloud computing technology behind the Extreme Reach platform that enables advertisers and broadcasters such as WFFF/WVNY to work smarter, faster and much more efficiently.  This efficiency, speed and accessibility was paramount during our recent election year, and is an ongoing concern for broadcasters when they face inclement weather. Each year, severe storms bring standard shipping methods to a halt and adversely impact content delivered via satellite.

So, if you’ve been contemplating the move to file-based ad deliveries, it’s never too late.  Extreme Reach is here to make it easy.

Tom Falcone is the Vice President of Network Relations at Extreme Reach.

10 Reasons To Combine Your TV And Web Video Ad Campaigns

Robert Haskitt

TV still makes up the vast majority of advertising media budgets, by far. But it’s no secret that today’s TV audience is also watching their favorite shows online. If you’re a marketer, you know that this is an important shift in viewer behavior that could impact the effectiveness of your TV campaigns. But you don’t know how it impacts your TV efforts or what you can do about it.

Now, there’s one way to find out: Manage and measure TV and online video together.

When you do this, numerous new synergies and opportunities will arise along with the answers. By measuring TV and online video advertising together, you’ll be able to see how TV actually works in concert with online video media. By managing your TV and Web campaigns together, you’ll be able to pull levers, blend screens and adjust your media plans to get the cross-media balance right for your business.

In this new Forbes article, I’ve called out 10 good reasons to manage and measure TV and Web video campaigns together.

Robert Haskitt is the CMO of Extreme Reach.

Cross-Media Solutions For A Multi-Screen World

Robert Haskitt

There’s recently been a steady stream of cross-media research highlighting the impact of adding online video to TV campaigns. New statistics show that the TV audience is bigger, watches longer and is more effectively persuaded by advertising when they watch video on both traditional TV and the Web. There’s a lot said about the momentum of cross-media video advertising, but little mentioned about the process.

Rather than planning and executing TV in one box and Web video in another, brands and their agencies should consider unifying traditional and digital TV campaigns, processes and technology solutions. By bringing all video advertising together under a single, strategic discipline, brands can connect with viewers more effectively across screens and their agencies can eliminate costly steps and missteps.

In this new MediaPost article, I point out how and why forward-thinking brands and agencies are starting to unify traditional TV and Web video advertising workflows and centralize campaign execution for the “new TV”.

Robert Haskitt is the CMO of Extreme Reach.

Making Today’s TV Seamless For Advertisers

Robert Haskitt

Today’s TV audiences catch their favorite shows on screens of every size and schedules of their own making. Every day they effortlessly shift their attention from flat-screen to lap-screen to smartphone and back again.

The growing number of screens, media outlets and programs ignited by the Web has significantly boosted the amount of time consumers spend watching video content and further increases the specificity of audience targets and segments. On the surface, that sounds like a good thing for advertisers. But for most, the opportunities are outweighed by the challenges. Currently, advertisers are only allocating about 5% of their video media budgets to online video advertising.

While there is no shortage of industry talk about the benefits and opportunities of Web TV, there are several reasons advertisers aren’t moving more of their broadcast budgets to online video. 

How can brands and agencies address these hurdles? I’ve outlined some of these high-level challenges and a number of cross-media solutions for TV advertisers in this Business Insider article.

Robert Haskitt is the CMO of Extreme Reach.

Nearly All Ad Deliveries Via Extreme Reach Are Now Digital

7k affiliates

Our network just hit another major milestone!

Extreme Reach now has more than 7,000 video affiliates across the US and Canada, making just over 98% of our TV ad deliveries digital. (Feeling crafty? We’d like to suggest this new use for tape.)

Our network also digitally connects to 30 percent more TV and HD TV media outlets than any other.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Our cloud-based ad platform currently helps over 2,500 advertising clients deliver more than 98% percent of their TV commercials digitally. With Extreme Reach, your TV ads can be delivered in minutes. And we deliver to nearly every TV destination in North America – all while eliminating the costs and delays associated with dedicated hardware and satellite infrastructure. Advertisers can now execute broad-reaching ad campaigns faster and connect to more media and larger audiences in record time.

Find more details in this new article.

Extreme Reach Addresses Talent And Rights Concerns In TV & Web Advertising

Creative Library Icon

Manage talent & third-party rights with the Extreme Reach platform.

Today the Extreme Reach team is excited to unveil an industry first in video advertising.

We’ve launched our integrated suite of tools allowing advertisers to manage talent contracts and third-party rights within the Extreme Reach ad delivery platform.

By bringing talent/rights management to the same platform, we’re enabling our customers to eliminate risks associated with putting video ad campaigns on TV and the web. Video ads run only where they’re allowed to run, and compliance is easy to manage. As a result, advertisers can streamline workflows while avoiding costly errors, fines and delays.

This integration also enables more efficient talent payment and production budgeting. What’s more, all of that information is clearly presented with each ad in the Extreme Reach Creative Library.

We invite you to learn more about the latest tools available to TV and Online advertisers in our latest press release.

Live from IAB Innovation Days in NYC: Managing Risks in Online Video Advertising

Members of our team mingled with the crowds at IAB Innovation Days in NYC this week, and it’s been great to be a part of the dialogue over the last couple days. As the last day wraps up, we’re honored to have taken part in one of the “screens”, or panel discussions, earlier this afternoon.

The panel we hosted was called “Managing the Risks Involved with Talent and Third-Party Rights in Online Video Advertising.” Speaking were Robert Haskitt, our Chief Marketing Officer, and Tim Hale, our Chief Talent Officer.

The fast-paced workshop covered talent payment and rights management capabilities new to our platform, and how they can make a big impact in streamlining workflows for advertisers who place video ads on TV, cable AND online.

With our new features, including keeping track of talent and rights expirations, payments and more, it is now possible to easily–even automatically–avoid the risks that can come with advertising on the Web and on television.

Interested in learning more? Contact us!

Join Us At IAB Innovation Days

Internet Week in NYC is just around the corner! If you’re in town for the event, be sure to stop by the Managing Risks in Online Video workshop at IAB Innovation Days next Thursday.

The Extreme Reach team will be on hand to discuss the risks involved with talent and 3rd-party rights in online video advertising.

We’ll cover several of the nuances involved in talent and 3rd-party rights agreements, how they can adversely affect online campaigns, and how to proactively avoid issues that can be expensive and restrictive when it comes to campaign execution and results. We’ll also show how advertisers can bring control, efficiencies and opportunities to online advertising.

The workshop takes place on Thursday May 17 at 2 PM.

Not able to make the session? No worries! Feel free to visit our blog early next week to catch up on all the details.

Hope to see you there,

Tim Hale, Chief Talent Officer
Robert Haskitt, Chief Marketing Officer


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