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HD TV Advertising Up 150 Percent Since 2010

Extreme Reach HD Ad Trends Report Q2 2012 This week, the Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q2 2012 HD Advertising Trends Report. This edition highlights a significant shift towards HD TV advertising over the past two years, and focuses on the growth within five major verticals: Financial Services, Automotive, Entertainment, Retail and Political.

A key takeaway is that for the first time, broadcast networks receive more ads in HD than they do in SD.

Now in its eighth quarterly edition, this edition also examines:

• Changes in HD advertising trends over the past two years.
• HD ad trends related to sporting arenas that highlight opportunities around preseason football and summer sports.
• Opportunities for advertisers nationally and locally.

Also, find out which HD ad format has been adopted most often by broadcasters and cable outlets, and learn which file type has become the preferred format for production studios.

For more details, download a free copy of the Q2 report.

New HD Trends Report Highlights A Record-Breaking Year for Political HD Advertising

HD Trends Q4 2011 ReportThe Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q4 2011 HD Advertising Trends Report this week. This edition analyzes political TV advertising trends and examines why political marketers are turning to HD advertising in record numbers as they search for a competitive edge in their political campaign efforts.

Key takeaways in this report include:

  • The details and significance of the sweeping shift to HD
  • Why HD makes a difference
  • How political advertisers may be able to gain an edge with HD

For more details, download a free copy of the Q4 HD Ad Trends report.

Extreme Reach network expands beyond 4000 TV/cable broadcast members

Extreme Reach network surpasses 4000 TV membersThe number 4000 is an important membership benchmark that signifies that the Extreme Reach pure-digital network has reached critical mass for North American TV ad delivery.

More important, however, is the unique way those digital deliveries are made across the 4000+ TV/Cable member destinations: 1) Whether SD or HD commercials, the master can be uploaded to Extreme Reach directly from the production system as soon as the spots are finalized, 2) The TV Commercials can be digitally delivered over the Extreme Reach network to any member destination in a matter of minutes, and 3) Each commercial is customized to meet each TV station’s exact video specifications (custom digital media format, custom wrapper, customized metadata and other attributes that are specifically tailored to each broadcaster’s workflow).

The elimination of the delays that occur between spot production and the airing of those commercials gives rise to a new formula that could potentially change the game for marketers who rely on time-sensitive promotional TV advertising (such as automotive, entertainment, retail, politicals, etc.):
Direct-from-production SD/HD spot upload + immediate deliveries + massive digital network + automated broadcast processing = New, unprecedented  speed of TV messaging and response to market events.


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