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Online Video Measurement Hits New Milestone


While online video metrics continue to dig deeper for new insights, advertisers still face some headaches when analyzing the results. One of the biggest issues brands, agencies and publishers all wrestle with can be summed up with one word: viewability.

The fact is advertisers and agencies often don’t have enough information to verify how many of their ad plays are viewable by consumers. Even defining the term “viewability” has been a source of debate in the industry. Until now.

Extreme Reach has joined the Open VideoView initiative (OpenVV), the open-source viewability solution for in-stream video advertising.

OpenVV’s technology for measuring video ad viewability helps create an open-source, industry-wide standard that will benefit brands, agencies and publishers.

Extreme Reach clients will soon notice enhanced reporting for their online video campaigns, including metrics that cover:

  • Whether a video is in view
  • Whether an ad is muted
  • Whether or not the window is active
  • The exact percentage of video that is viewable on a user’s screen

Find out more about OpenVV, or learn more about the reporting capabilities in our Cross-Media Reporting Suite.

SAG-AFTRA Contract Highlights: JPC Seminar Recap

JoAnnKesslerExtreme Reach recently had the pleasure of hosting the ANA/4A’s Joint Policy Committee at a seminar covering the recent SAG-AFTRA contacts. The event was attended by over 120 industry professionals in Marina Del Rey, and featured speakers Doug Wood and Stacy Marcus of the law firm Reed Smith. Doug and Stacy were the lead negotiators for the industry team that bargained the new 2013 Radio & TV Commercials Contracts with SAG-AFTRA.

The top highlights from the event included a review of the most significant changes in the 2013 Commercials Contracts.

Rate Increases: Wages were increased by 6% across the board, and are retroactive to April 1. Any commercials produced on or after that date are subject to the new rates and terms. Cable use payments are now maxed at 3000 units, up from 2000 units. P&H goes from 15.5% to 16.8%.

Spanish Language Increases: Spanish Language TV commercials saw an increase of 5-10% in addition to the 6% base increase noted above. Use in Puerto Rico is no longer to be paid for as “foreign” use.

Editing Provisions: Advertisers are now entitled to have a second free lift under Section 26A (Shorter/Longer Versions) and Section 26K has been modified to allow certain retail advertisers to make multiple versions of a basic spot (featuring different products) without creating a “new” commercial and having to pay additional use fees. Those changes were formerly so cost-prohibitive that signatory agencies had been at a competitive disadvantage pitching retail business.

In this seminar recap, learn about important changes regarding Internet content, new Ad-ID requirements, the Clearinghouse Initiative and more.

Your Extreme Reach talent management team is here to assist you in understanding how to implement new contract terms and provisions. In fact, we’re making all necessary retroactive payments on behalf of our clients. Questions? Contact us!

Digiday Video Upfront: Reap the Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Multi-Screen Campaigns

Our VP of Online Video Advertising, Chip Scully, recently chatted with Digiday about the challenges marketers face as they scale their video ad campaigns across TV and the web.

In this video interview from Digiday’s Video Upfront, Chip shares how marketers can take a more holistic approach to their multi-screen campaign workflow, gaining actionable insights to increase ad engagement and optimize creative along the way.


How the Digital Workflow Is Transforming the Ad Industry

julie-mosesThere has been a huge transformation at the agency level in the application of technology that’s been introduced in the last 20 years. And experts say that over the next 10-15 years, we’ll see more innovation and invention than we saw over the last century.  But with each innovation comes a greater need to manage and learn how to harness the new solutions and technologies in the advertising industry. This process was the main theme behind the 4A’s Transformation conference this week.

With the additions of multi-screen campaigns, multi-platform buys and the growth of social media, agencies  have been over-loaded with the amount of campaigns they must traffic and manage. NBCUniversal Director of Commercial Operations Steve Hernandez noted that the steep increase in ad placements has resulted in hours of manual sorting and re-entering of data for agency media teams, leaving them with little or no time to perform the responsibilities they were hired to execute.

So what’s the solution? AdID Chief Growth Officer Harold Geller believes the future of the industry lies in workflows that look at sales metadata to match agency instructions. The Media Behavior Institute has been working over the past two years to create a universal identification process, which could conservatively save $2 billion per year for media agencies.

But what if you could easily and efficiently distribute your ads across every screen today?

When you deliver and manage your TV and online video ad campaigns together, you can bypass and eliminate the challenges that come with a fragmented workflow across multiple platforms. With Extreme Reach, you’ll get the ability to deploy campaigns and track performance across TV, Web and Mobile in near real-time. This means advertisers and agencies can now optimize their cross-media campaigns faster than ever before. Now that’s a transformation!

Julie Moses is a Regional Sales Manager for Online Video Advertising at Extreme Reach.

Introducing the New Cross-Media Reporting Suite


See how your TV and online advertising work together to drive campaign results.

In a multi-screen world, cross-media reporting is the only true measure of today’s video advertising. And up until now, cross-media measurements haven’t shown the full picture.

Online platforms typically provide Web-only data, or at best, just show basic TV ratings information. On the other hand, TV platforms usually don’t include Web or online performance data.

But now, with our new Cross-Media Reporting Suite, you can immediately see how your TV and online advertising work together to drive results in your live campaigns. Our new reporting suite provides insightful, actionable answers to help uncover:

  • How to split media budgets between TV and online video advertising
  • How the combination of TV and online video advertising may increase overall campaign results
  • How numerous online campaign performance metrics can be measured against TV campaign activity
  • How to optimize the reach, frequency, creative, media and mix of TV and online video campaigns

Plus, our platform provides all the integrated tools you need to respond to those insights, so you can make media and creative adjustments that will improve the results of your live campaigns.

Learn more about the insights provided in our Cross-Media Reporting Suite in our new press release.

iMedia Brand Summit Recap: Choosing the Right Tech Partners & Platforms

Chip ScullyHow do you choose the right technology partner or emerging platform?

As I learned at a panel during last week’s iMedia Brand Summit, there’s a general consensus around three main items:

  • Finding a partner/platform that fills the industry niche or theme you’re looking for.
  • Choosing the right management and team to partner with.
  • Choosing a product or platform that is scalable and meets your goals.

For example, say that you are a marketer who uses video advertising across TV and the Web, and you’re determining the long-term potential for a partner or platform. First, the platform or partner you choose should specifically address both TV and Web advertising. Choosing a partner that specializes in video advertising across multiple screens simplifies your workflow, and eliminates the hurdles and inefficiencies that come with using multiple vendors.

It’s also important to look at the management and team your technology partner has to offer. Ideally, you’ll find a wealth of industry expertise in both the executive board as well as your day-to-day contacts.

Finally, ask yourself if your current partnerships and workflow allow you to scale and measure your cross-media campaigns.

  • Do your current vendors have the ability to cross the great divide between TV and the Web?
  • Are you using interactive video to improve engagement in a meaningful and scalable way?
  • Are you able to measure TV and online ad campaign performance — together?

If you don’t have access to these capabilities today, you will soon need them to follow consumers as they watch more and more content online. Here’s an example of how TV and online metrics can be measured together in cross-media campaigns.

Chip Scully is the Vice President of Online Video Advertising at Extreme Reach.

Super Bowl Commercials Go Cross-Media in Record Numbers

TV_Laptop_comboThis year’s Super Bowl commercials sported a distinctly digital theme. For starters, nearly half of the network TV ads were delivered digitally via the Extreme Reach platform. Also, a record number of Super Bowl commercials were introduced both on TV and online. And, during the game, most TV ads aimed to drive viewers to the Web.

The ad industry’s biggest event is an insightful indicator of advertising trends. This Marketing Land article points out some interesting cross-media trends among this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. More than 80% of ads that aired during the Super Bowl featured an online call to action, driving TV viewers to Twitter, Facebook, or branded webpages. Almost all of these digital destinations featured interactive video content, taking the opportunity to directly engage with TV viewers once they made the jump online.

TV and online video advertising can be interconnected in a variety of ways that leverage the unique advantages of each medium while gaining new benefits from tying them together. Here’s an example of how stunning HD TV ads can now be instantly transformed into interactive ads for online video campaigns.

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2013

cmoAs 2012 comes to a close, many in the digital marketing industry are making their predictions on what’s in store for the new year. recently asked more than 80 industry insiders what they envisioned for 2013 – and the responses make for some thought-provoking perspectives on digital and video advertising.

Convergence in media, technology and analytics is a consistent theme, as well as the anticipation of more interactive content and greater targeting capabilities.

Extreme Reach CMO Robert Haskitt also chimes in with his new year’s prediction in this new article.

10 Reasons To Combine Your TV And Web Video Ad Campaigns

Robert Haskitt

TV still makes up the vast majority of advertising media budgets, by far. But it’s no secret that today’s TV audience is also watching their favorite shows online. If you’re a marketer, you know that this is an important shift in viewer behavior that could impact the effectiveness of your TV campaigns. But you don’t know how it impacts your TV efforts or what you can do about it.

Now, there’s one way to find out: Manage and measure TV and online video together.

When you do this, numerous new synergies and opportunities will arise along with the answers. By measuring TV and online video advertising together, you’ll be able to see how TV actually works in concert with online video media. By managing your TV and Web campaigns together, you’ll be able to pull levers, blend screens and adjust your media plans to get the cross-media balance right for your business.

In this new Forbes article, I’ve called out 10 good reasons to manage and measure TV and Web video campaigns together.

Robert Haskitt is the CMO of Extreme Reach.

Cloud Computing West Recap: Paradigm Shift

dan-blogThe media and entertainment industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way that content and data is stored, processed, delivered and consumed.  Consumers demand an ever-increasing variety of channels to access content through a wide array of devices and services.  Media producers are managing vast catalogs of content and looking for new ways to engage their audience.  Advertisers and agencies are moving to a new world where their customer must be reached across multiple screens with the ability to optimize across all mediums.  These themes and many more were discussed at the Cloud Computing West Conference recently in Santa Monica.

I had the pleasure of participating as a panelist for two sessions at the conference.  The first session analyzed new cloud offerings for entertainment and the industry’s general direction in terms of cloud computing.  Some of the cloud-based technologies discussed included the virtually unlimited processing capabilities of cloud computing, vast media storage capabilities, accelerated file transfer tools and the social/collaboration/workflow tools that are becoming more available.  I discussed how Extreme Reach leverages these capabilities to deliver a state-of-the-art platform that combines unlimited capacity with “always on” reliability and constantly evolving capabilities.

I also participated in the closing session, which focused on the future of cloud computing for entertainment, telecom and investment.  This session delved into how these industries are evolving to take advantage of the many benefits that cloud computing offers.  We also discussed the concerns that have been voiced with cloud computing.  The clear consensus was that any perceived issues with cloud computing, such as security, bandwidth availability or governance, exist with any enterprise computing platform.  The answer in every case is a proper system architecture that ensures tight security, highly distributed and redundant infrastructure and thoroughly planned operational procedures and policies.

To learn more about the future of cloud computing and its impact on the industry, you can watch some of the panel highlights here:


Dan Brackett is the CTO of Extreme Reach.


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