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Ultra HD TV Brings a Whole New Dimension to Your Ads

High definition (HD) has been the gold standard on TV for several years, but a number of clients are starting to ask us about the new HD format, 4K.

Watch 4K videos in action…

If you aren’t familiar with the term “4K,” it refers to the emerging TV format called 4K Ultra HD, or UHD, which has four times the resolution of full HD. Nearly every major manufacturer currently offers 4K sets, and these new TVs produce a truly outstanding picture. You may even end up having a 4K set in your home earlier than you thought. In fact, 10 million homes are projected to have Ultra HD TVs within the next two years.

While 4K may seem like it’s a ways off to some, it’s probably not too early to have it on your radar and consider lessons learned from the rise of HDTV. For example, while the industry may have initially been apprehensive about the value of HD advertising, many studies have shown a direct correlation between HD advertising and improved results in brand perception and brand recall. HD ads not only outperform SD ads, but SD ads can actually harm a brand’s image when shown next to HD ads in a commercial break.

Naturally, the need for UHD ads will grow as consumers purchase more 4K-capable TVs. And many more consumers may already be headed that way. Last year, 27% of sets sold were 50 inches and over according to Futuresouce Consulting’s Jack Wetherill. Add that to the fact that some of the biggest manufacturers have moved almost entirely to producing TVs over 55 inches (ex. Sharp’s 2014 lineup of 25+ TV sets only offers four under 55 inches), and the focus on 4K sets becomes more clear. Shoppers who opt to buy a bigger, non-4K screen today will be buying a TV that will be quickly outdated in terms of quality tomorrow. Likewise, brands that move to UHD ads earlier will see the biggest benefits.

We’re keeping a close eye on the new TV format. We’re already deep into the details, so we can answer your questions and help you understand the next step for TV advertising.

Want to talk more about UHD ads? Drop us a note.

HD TV Advertising Up 150 Percent Since 2010

Extreme Reach HD Ad Trends Report Q2 2012 This week, the Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q2 2012 HD Advertising Trends Report. This edition highlights a significant shift towards HD TV advertising over the past two years, and focuses on the growth within five major verticals: Financial Services, Automotive, Entertainment, Retail and Political.

A key takeaway is that for the first time, broadcast networks receive more ads in HD than they do in SD.

Now in its eighth quarterly edition, this edition also examines:

• Changes in HD advertising trends over the past two years.
• HD ad trends related to sporting arenas that highlight opportunities around preseason football and summer sports.
• Opportunities for advertisers nationally and locally.

Also, find out which HD ad format has been adopted most often by broadcasters and cable outlets, and learn which file type has become the preferred format for production studios.

For more details, download a free copy of the Q2 report.

Nearly All Ad Deliveries Via Extreme Reach Are Now Digital

7k affiliates

Our network just hit another major milestone!

Extreme Reach now has more than 7,000 video affiliates across the US and Canada, making just over 98% of our TV ad deliveries digital. (Feeling crafty? We’d like to suggest this new use for tape.)

Our network also digitally connects to 30 percent more TV and HD TV media outlets than any other.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Our cloud-based ad platform currently helps over 2,500 advertising clients deliver more than 98% percent of their TV commercials digitally. With Extreme Reach, your TV ads can be delivered in minutes. And we deliver to nearly every TV destination in North America – all while eliminating the costs and delays associated with dedicated hardware and satellite infrastructure. Advertisers can now execute broad-reaching ad campaigns faster and connect to more media and larger audiences in record time.

Find more details in this new article.

HD Advertising for Hispanic TV Audiences Lags Behind National Averages

The Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q1 2012 HD Advertising Trends Report this week. This edition examines the distribution and adoption patterns of HD advertising across U.S. Hispanic TV destinations.

The report identifies the following trends and opportunities:

  • The state of HD adoption by Hispanic TV media
  • The level of HD ad distribution to Hispanic TV media by advertisers and agencies
  • Market opportunities for advertisers and agencies to connect with Hispanic audiences

For more details, download a free copy of the Q1 HD Ad Trends report.

New HD Trends Report Highlights A Record-Breaking Year for Political HD Advertising

HD Trends Q4 2011 ReportThe Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q4 2011 HD Advertising Trends Report this week. This edition analyzes political TV advertising trends and examines why political marketers are turning to HD advertising in record numbers as they search for a competitive edge in their political campaign efforts.

Key takeaways in this report include:

  • The details and significance of the sweeping shift to HD
  • Why HD makes a difference
  • How political advertisers may be able to gain an edge with HD

For more details, download a free copy of the Q4 HD Ad Trends report.

New HD Trends Report Reveals Opportunities for Regional Advertisers

HD Advertising TrendsThe Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q3 HD Advertising Trends Report this week. Among other things, this edition took a closer look at regional HD advertising trends with a focus on specific verticals and top markets. Generally, regional TV advertisers distribute a significantly lower percentage of their advertising in HD than their national counterparts.

Auto dealerships and retailers in particular were highlighted with deep dives into how they can gain an edge by advertising in HD. HD adoption and distribution patterns were also examined in the top 25 markets, revealing opportunities to make a greater impact by advertising in HD.

Some of the highlights from the report:

  • 73 percent of local broadcast outlets accept HD in the top 25 markets.
  • Retailers and auto dealers are national advertising leaders, but lag in regional HD ads.
  • 12 percent of regional TV ads are delivered to TV media in HD. The national average is 20 percent.

For more details, download a free copy of the Q3 HD Ad Trends report.

New Q2 Trends Report Reveals Recent Surge in HD Advertising

HD Advertising Trends Report

The Extreme Reach Research Group released its Q2 HD Advertising Trends Report this week. The report highlighted the surge in HD ad distribution over the last six months. HD ad delivery increased by about 50 percent in the first half of this year over H2 of 2010. Contributing factors to the recent growth in HD adoption are also examined.

Here are some of the highlights:

• There was a 50 percent increase in HD ad distribution in since 2010
• Cloud-based distribution has reduced HD ad distribution costs by 30%*
• 20 percent of all TV ads were delivered in HD last quarter
• 94 percent of local HD media outlets now receive HD ads digitally via a cloud-based distribution channel

For more details, download a free copy of the Q2 HD Ad Trends report.

*Based on average HD distribution savings for our clients who have switched from DG FastChannel to Extreme Reach.


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