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TV Ad Monitoring Delivers Powerful Insights

Scott_LubbersIsn’t technology wonderful? What used to take weeks now takes days, and what used to take days now takes only hours and sometimes even just minutes. The same is true about knowing when your commercial has hit the airwaves. You can know in a matter of hours when a commercial has aired on a channel and at what time, in any of the top major markets. This kind of information used to take days to gather.

If you’re still waiting days to receive information like this, you need to know about the TV monitoring program Extreme Reach rolled out this year. At the beginning of 2013, we deployed hundreds of proprietary cable set-top boxes to homes across all of the largest markets. These boxes connect to the audience’s cable feeds and collectively monitor over 2000 channels 24/7/365.It’s all done in the background with no activity or manual steps required; the hosts don’t even have to be watching TV.

Our set-top boxes monitor for any commercial that has been distributed by Extreme Reach. This is possible through a proprietary process akin to “fingerprinting” the commercial during the distribution process. This process is distinct from the Broadcast Verification products available, where meta-data must be added/inserted to your commercial in order for the service to track it (much the same way closed-captioning is added). Our fingerprinting doesn’t alter commercials at all and doesn’t delay getting ads to the station because it’s seamlessly integrated into the delivery process.

Our boxes are continually scanning the most watched broadcast and cable channels and sending data back to our servers, which sift through and identify matching fingerprints. Within hours, these ad-occurrences are made available to our clients via our platform.

We take those ad occurrences and pair them with rich, market-driven data to give you insights into trends you might not have otherwise considered. And if you also use our platform to deliver online video ads, we can tie the two verticals together to provide insightful cross-media reporting that gives you valuable insight into your campaigns’ performance.

Sound too good to be true? Call your trusted Extreme Reach representative today for details on how to get started.

The Numbers are Really Adding up: 99.8% Digital Delivery and 100% Satisfaction.

100%-Satisfaction_Badge_200x200_revWith more than more than 7,500 TV broadcasters in our digital delivery network, we’ve been able to help clients deliver a staggering 99.8% of TV ads digitally. That’s significantly more than any other distribution service by a long shot. And those TV broadcasters all seem pretty pleased with our partnership too.

Thanks to our advanced video platform and world-class service, we’ve managed to earn a whopping 100% satisfaction rating among TV broadcasters. We know we can do better though. At Extreme Reach, we thrive on feedback from our clients and partners, whether it’s about our platform, our services or anything else. If you have an idea for how we could do a better job or help in any way, please let your Client Manager know.

Delivered On Schedule? Check. Aired On Schedule? No Question.


Proof your ad has aired now comes standard.

Here’s a question for all you TV traffickers: do you know when your ads hit the air? Here’s another: how would you like a little more peace of mind?

While online video advertising can deliver instant, automated verification on just about every sort of trafficking data imaginable, that’s not the way TV works. For years, TV advertisers mostly took it on faith that their ads ran when the media buy said so. Now, TV just got a lot more transparent.

Extreme Reach now offers Proof of Airing to all TV distribution clients. It’s new, it’s FREE and it’s already included in the Proof of Delivery (POD) reports in our platform. If you distribute your commercials with Extreme Reach, you get to see exactly when and where they air for the first time on 2,000 channels across the nation’s top 50 markets (and counting!). While Proof of Delivery confirms that a spot was distributed, Proof of Airing confirms that your commercial has successfully reached your audience. Together, we hope they’ll usher in a new era of workflow transparency and peace of mind.

Only Extreme Reach offers Proof of Airing. This exciting feature is made possible by our TV monitoring network, and yes, you can receive notification of more than your ad’s first airing. For those of you unfamiliar with our advanced TV Monitoring Service, it uses the same proprietary technology to report every occurrence of your ads in near real-time. Learn more.

How the Digital Workflow Is Transforming the Ad Industry

julie-mosesThere has been a huge transformation at the agency level in the application of technology that’s been introduced in the last 20 years. And experts say that over the next 10-15 years, we’ll see more innovation and invention than we saw over the last century.  But with each innovation comes a greater need to manage and learn how to harness the new solutions and technologies in the advertising industry. This process was the main theme behind the 4A’s Transformation conference this week.

With the additions of multi-screen campaigns, multi-platform buys and the growth of social media, agencies  have been over-loaded with the amount of campaigns they must traffic and manage. NBCUniversal Director of Commercial Operations Steve Hernandez noted that the steep increase in ad placements has resulted in hours of manual sorting and re-entering of data for agency media teams, leaving them with little or no time to perform the responsibilities they were hired to execute.

So what’s the solution? AdID Chief Growth Officer Harold Geller believes the future of the industry lies in workflows that look at sales metadata to match agency instructions. The Media Behavior Institute has been working over the past two years to create a universal identification process, which could conservatively save $2 billion per year for media agencies.

But what if you could easily and efficiently distribute your ads across every screen today?

When you deliver and manage your TV and online video ad campaigns together, you can bypass and eliminate the challenges that come with a fragmented workflow across multiple platforms. With Extreme Reach, you’ll get the ability to deploy campaigns and track performance across TV, Web and Mobile in near real-time. This means advertisers and agencies can now optimize their cross-media campaigns faster than ever before. Now that’s a transformation!

Julie Moses is a Regional Sales Manager for Online Video Advertising at Extreme Reach.

Super Bowl Commercials Go Cross-Media in Record Numbers

TV_Laptop_comboThis year’s Super Bowl commercials sported a distinctly digital theme. For starters, nearly half of the network TV ads were delivered digitally via the Extreme Reach platform. Also, a record number of Super Bowl commercials were introduced both on TV and online. And, during the game, most TV ads aimed to drive viewers to the Web.

The ad industry’s biggest event is an insightful indicator of advertising trends. This Marketing Land article points out some interesting cross-media trends among this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. More than 80% of ads that aired during the Super Bowl featured an online call to action, driving TV viewers to Twitter, Facebook, or branded webpages. Almost all of these digital destinations featured interactive video content, taking the opportunity to directly engage with TV viewers once they made the jump online.

TV and online video advertising can be interconnected in a variety of ways that leverage the unique advantages of each medium while gaining new benefits from tying them together. Here’s an example of how stunning HD TV ads can now be instantly transformed into interactive ads for online video campaigns.

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2013

cmoAs 2012 comes to a close, many in the digital marketing industry are making their predictions on what’s in store for the new year. recently asked more than 80 industry insiders what they envisioned for 2013 – and the responses make for some thought-provoking perspectives on digital and video advertising.

Convergence in media, technology and analytics is a consistent theme, as well as the anticipation of more interactive content and greater targeting capabilities.

Extreme Reach CMO Robert Haskitt also chimes in with his new year’s prediction in this new article.

The Cloud Is Green

While you’ll find there’s plenty of reasons to switch to Extreme Reach, there’s also a bunch of eco-friendly benefits that come with using our platform.

Did you know…

  • The Cloud leaves a lighter carbon footprint. By harnessing the cloud, our platform eliminates tons of materials, fuel & costs associated with the satellite ad delivery model.
  • The Cloud conserves petroleum. Each video tape uses about a gallon of petroleum in manufacturing… and that’s before shipping. Using our platform, our clients have eliminated hundreds of thousands of tapes & conserved thousands of tons of petroleum.
  • The Cloud saves trees. Our cloud-based platform and paperless workflow drastically reduce the amount of paper used in each Extreme Reach facility.

And going green provides more than just green perks:

  • Our cloud-based platform delivers your ads faster than satellite ad delivery – no rocket trips required!
  • Going green means that you save some extra green, too — with our platform, advertisers save time, energy and money.

And that’s just for starters! Find more reasons to go green with Extreme Reach on our new Green page.

Nearly All Ad Deliveries Via Extreme Reach Are Now Digital

7k affiliates

Our network just hit another major milestone!

Extreme Reach now has more than 7,000 video affiliates across the US and Canada, making just over 98% of our TV ad deliveries digital. (Feeling crafty? We’d like to suggest this new use for tape.)

Our network also digitally connects to 30 percent more TV and HD TV media outlets than any other.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Our cloud-based ad platform currently helps over 2,500 advertising clients deliver more than 98% percent of their TV commercials digitally. With Extreme Reach, your TV ads can be delivered in minutes. And we deliver to nearly every TV destination in North America – all while eliminating the costs and delays associated with dedicated hardware and satellite infrastructure. Advertisers can now execute broad-reaching ad campaigns faster and connect to more media and larger audiences in record time.

Find more details in this new article.

Extreme Reach Addresses Talent And Rights Concerns In TV & Web Advertising

Creative Library Icon

Manage talent & third-party rights with the Extreme Reach platform.

Today the Extreme Reach team is excited to unveil an industry first in video advertising.

We’ve launched our integrated suite of tools allowing advertisers to manage talent contracts and third-party rights within the Extreme Reach ad delivery platform.

By bringing talent/rights management to the same platform, we’re enabling our customers to eliminate risks associated with putting video ad campaigns on TV and the web. Video ads run only where they’re allowed to run, and compliance is easy to manage. As a result, advertisers can streamline workflows while avoiding costly errors, fines and delays.

This integration also enables more efficient talent payment and production budgeting. What’s more, all of that information is clearly presented with each ad in the Extreme Reach Creative Library.

We invite you to learn more about the latest tools available to TV and Online advertisers in our latest press release.

Join Us At IAB Innovation Days

Internet Week in NYC is just around the corner! If you’re in town for the event, be sure to stop by the Managing Risks in Online Video workshop at IAB Innovation Days next Thursday.

The Extreme Reach team will be on hand to discuss the risks involved with talent and 3rd-party rights in online video advertising.

We’ll cover several of the nuances involved in talent and 3rd-party rights agreements, how they can adversely affect online campaigns, and how to proactively avoid issues that can be expensive and restrictive when it comes to campaign execution and results. We’ll also show how advertisers can bring control, efficiencies and opportunities to online advertising.

The workshop takes place on Thursday May 17 at 2 PM.

Not able to make the session? No worries! Feel free to visit our blog early next week to catch up on all the details.

Hope to see you there,

Tim Hale, Chief Talent Officer
Robert Haskitt, Chief Marketing Officer


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