Easily Traffic Your TV Ads to Online Publishers

Advertisers are faced with countless roadblocks when it comes to expanding a video ad campaign beyond TV to the Internet. Inconsistent workflow and quality issues make the execution far from seamless. But you don’t have to wave the white flag just yet.

Our new release makes Extreme Reach the industry’s first digital ad delivery platform to offer seamless execution of video ad campaigns everywhere. Our new Direct Delivery capabilities provide a single video ad management and distribution solution for both TV and online media while addressing the nuances of each. This approach makes it easy to deliver video advertising to online media outlets like Hulu, YouTube, and countless other popular websites without complicating workflows or compromising video quality. Here are just some of the benefits for advertisers:

  • Reach a vast network of top online publishers digitally, with files automatically formatted to their needs
  • Protect brand integrity by providing audiences with the same viewer experience, no matter the media destination
  • Attach companion ads easily in all IAB-standard sizes, assign click-through URLs and manage other details related to online video campaigns.
  • Manage all video content through a single Creative Library dashboard and much more!

Learn more about Direct Delivery in our latest press release.

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About Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach is the leading provider of video ad serving, distribution and management solutions. Our cloud-based platform can help you manage, deliver & track all of your video ad campaigns on a single video platform. We can also help you protect the quality, context & compliance of every ad delivered from screen.

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