Digital Dialog: The Challenges of Scaling Digital Video

Extreme Reach was proud to be a part of the Digiday Platform Summit touching on the growing role and utility of online platforms like ours in connecting brands with audiences. Our own Chief Digital Officer Avi Brown sat down with Digiday Editor-in-Chief Brian Morrissey for a discussion regarding video convergence and the challenges of scaling digital video; the two touched on a big issue for digital video advertising and the cornerstone of our efforts: transparent, actionable data. Click here to watch the discussion and learn more.

Fresh Face: Announcing a New User Interface from Extreme Reach

Our clients know that we’re always innovating our groundbreaking video ad distribution platform to make their jobs easier and more streamlined. We pride ourselves on delivering real, effective improvements to the way our clients manage, deliver and measure their video campaigns. We do this in part by acting on client feedback to regularly improve on the user experience. This includes specific requests for updated functionality.

We’re always tweaking what’s under the hood of the engine that powers the world’s digital video advertising (and if you’ve got an idea for how we can better serve your unique needs, let your Account Manager know today). Now we’re giving all that muscle a fresh coat of paint and improving the Extreme Reach Dashboard.

The latest update to our user interface makes it even easier to manage your creative at a glance with a simple, streamlined look that gives you every insight into your video campaigns across TV, Digital, Talent and more. Check out a screenshot below:


We’re excited to show off the latest updates to our new and improved dashboard, and we hope you’ll be just as excited to take advantage. But of course we’re not stopping there. We’ll continue rolling out improvements as we receive more feedback from clients to shape exactly how our next innovation takes form.

If you haven’t submitted feedback yet, please do. We’d love to hear from you.

Extreme Reach and Group IMD Partner to Take TV Ad Distribution Global

Extreme Reach began in 2008 with a dream to power the world’s video advertising. We’re proud to announce we’ve taken the next step towards that goal today by partnering with Group IMD to globalize TV ad distribution. We’ve worked hard to become the the leading provider of TV ad distribution, and now we’ve added the widest coverage of TV ad distribution internationally.

The result? The largest unified, global video ad delivery service for TV.

We’re thrilled to begin utilizing our combined abilities to give clients comprehensive international coverage, unprecedented campaign insights and worldwide total brand protection. Click here to read more about what our partnership means for our clients and the future of video advertising.

Ultra HD TV Brings a Whole New Dimension to Your Ads

High definition (HD) has been the gold standard on TV for several years, but a number of clients are starting to ask us about the new HD format, 4K.

Watch 4K videos in action…

If you aren’t familiar with the term “4K,” it refers to the emerging TV format called 4K Ultra HD, or UHD, which has four times the resolution of full HD. Nearly every major manufacturer currently offers 4K sets, and these new TVs produce a truly outstanding picture. You may even end up having a 4K set in your home earlier than you thought. In fact, 10 million homes are projected to have Ultra HD TVs within the next two years.

While 4K may seem like it’s a ways off to some, it’s probably not too early to have it on your radar and consider lessons learned from the rise of HDTV. For example, while the industry may have initially been apprehensive about the value of HD advertising, many studies have shown a direct correlation between HD advertising and improved results in brand perception and brand recall. HD ads not only outperform SD ads, but SD ads can actually harm a brand’s image when shown next to HD ads in a commercial break.

Naturally, the need for UHD ads will grow as consumers purchase more 4K-capable TVs. And many more consumers may already be headed that way. Last year, 27% of sets sold were 50 inches and over according to Futuresouce Consulting’s Jack Wetherill. Add that to the fact that some of the biggest manufacturers have moved almost entirely to producing TVs over 55 inches (ex. Sharp’s 2014 lineup of 25+ TV sets only offers four under 55 inches), and the focus on 4K sets becomes more clear. Shoppers who opt to buy a bigger, non-4K screen today will be buying a TV that will be quickly outdated in terms of quality tomorrow. Likewise, brands that move to UHD ads earlier will see the biggest benefits.

We’re keeping a close eye on the new TV format. We’re already deep into the details, so we can answer your questions and help you understand the next step for TV advertising.

Want to talk more about UHD ads? Drop us a note.

New: Measure the Real Impact of Digital Campaigns

Today, we’re happy to announce our acquisition of BrandAds, a true innovator of video advertising intelligence. Known for providing brands and agencies with a complete, real-time picture of their video campaigns, the BrandAds technology and team are a great addition to our suite of solutions.

But don’t take our word for it. If you’re curious why we think BrandAds is such a good fit, we encourage you to read this New York Times article touting some of their capabilities.

There’s a lot to look forward to. For starters, take a look at the gorgeous dashboard BrandAds created:

BrandAd’s stunning digital ad platform

At a glance, you can see each campaign’s performance in every category that matters:

    • Media. Where ads are really running.
    • Audience. Who ads are reaching.
    • Effectiveness. How campaigns are performing against specific objectives.
    • Engagement. How audiences are interacting with ads.
    • Brand Safety. Whether impressions are viewable.
    • Social. How campaigns impact brand sentiment across social media.

We’re very excited that BrandAds has joined us in moving the industry forwards. Now, brands and agencies will have an even richer suite of analytics available so they can make more informed media and creative decisions on every screen.

Want to see how it works? We’d love to show you.

Extreme Reach Platform Updates – January 2014

dan-blogHere at Extreme Reach, we have few traditions as strong as our two-week release cycle, and that tradition continued even as we celebrated the holidays. We’re ringing in the New Year with new platform enhancements—which we find to be much more practical and enduring than resolutions.

Several of the updates we’ve made recently started out as requests from clients to streamline their day-to-day work. For example, you’ll see many small changes to the user interface that give you a preview of the details and attachments that are available for each creative. Here are a few of the highlights from our past two releases.

Creative Library
We’ve created a new filter in our Creative Library search for clients who like to label their assets with the brand or product being advertised. Now, a handy drop-down menu will list each product or brand associated with the advertiser, making it easy to focus your search. We’ve also added a neat paperclip icon to indicate which videos have attachments; mouse over that paperclip, and you’ll see exactly how many attachments are available without leaving the search page. To further streamline your workflow, we now provide a one-click option for creating SD companion videos to go along with your HD ads. Simply check “Include SD Companion” when you add new creative to your account and the work is done. We’ll even automatically create corresponding ISCI and Ad-ID codes for the new companion ad.

In the latest release, we implemented a client request to automatically include campaign start and end dates on the Delivery Details page. Our platform scours your traffic details and the video creative itself to provide accurate campaign dates that you can see at a glance.

Online Video
Online video campaign reporting can now be automated for our clients too. Find the “OVA Data Export” option in your account, tell us how often you want the reports, and your data will be sent your way like clockwork.

Talent & Rights Management
The latest releases also included some structural improvements to our talent payment and rights management tools. We’ve now added role-specific fields for Business Affairs Managers, Talent Managers and Traffic Managers. This allows us to put all the info you need at your fingertips while still keeping it simple and relevant to each user on your team.

Over the last month, we’ve released more than 60 platform enhancements that streamline video advertising workflows and over 20 user interface enhancements.

I’ll be back at the beginning of February with highlights from the next two platform updates.

Extreme Reach Platform Updates

dan-blogAdvertising leaders who think forward need the tools to help them move forward. The Extreme Reach platform continually raises the bar by adding new client-requested capabilities to our platform every two weeks. We thought you might appreciate a glimpse at a few of our latest enhancements.

Talent & Rights
This month, we’ve released extensive upgrades to our talent cost estimating tools, making them more accurate, faster and easier to use. Talent Managers can now get a summary or a detailed PDF view of talent estimates, with precise calculations based on up-to-date wage tables and your ad’s (automatically-uploaded) cast list.

Online Video
We’ve beefed up our online video reporting capabilities to include three new verification measures that ensure your views and clicks are genuine. Ad viewability metrics have been added so you can know that your ads are being seen by real people. And to provide even clearer data on video-plays, we’ve also added new ad auto-play measurements. We report exactly how many times publishers automatically loaded and played your ad, and how many times users initiated the view of your ad. For clicks and other viewer interactions, we’ve added new fraud exclusion filters to make sure that only real viewer interactions are counted. These ad measurements (and several more) have been added to a variety of reports that are easily accessed from our platform.

Online Surveys & Data Integration
Our platform now offers full support for online customer surveys. You can build your survey on the third-party app of your choice and send it out in conjunction with your online video campaigns managed on the Extreme Reach platform.

We’ve also made it easier than ever to integrate third-party video campaign data into your reports. Our enhanced integration tools make it easy to bring in valuable information from other services and blend it seamlessly into your Extreme Reach campaign reports.

Also in the latest release, we’ve enhanced and streamlined the ways traffickers work with groups of media destinations (Order Groups). Our platform will show the advertiser for every spot in your order group, even when that differs from the name listed on the order itself. It’ll also keep tabs on your product information, brand name and sequence of destinations—among lots of other order details—when your ads are trafficked through our platform.

Those are a few key highlights from our recent releases. Altogether, over the last month, we’ve released more than 90 platform enhancements that streamline the video advertising workflow and over 50 user interface enhancements, acting on client feedback to place the tools you need immediately at-hand. I’m looking forward to sharing more new enhancements with you next month!

Talent Terms Update: SAG-AFTRA and AFM Contracts Extended

JoAnn KesslerWe simplify and streamline Talent Management for our clients with not only superlative service, but expert information and analysis as well. To that end, we want to make sure all our clients in Talent Management are aware that the current terms of two important union contracts have been extended beyond their originally published end dates.

The American Federation of Musicians Commercial Announcements Agreement, which was slated to expire on December 31, 2013, has been extended through February 14, 2014.

Additionally, the 2011-2014 SAG-AFTRA Corporate/Educational and Non-Broadcast Contracts, which were set to expire on April 30, 2014, have been extended for a full year through April 30, 2015.

What does this mean for our clients? In short, it means business as usual. All the terms, conditions and rates in these contracts remain unchanged through the new expiration dates.

You can get full details on current rates for these and other union contracts by visiting the Extreme Reach website where you will find our handy Rate Guide. And as always, should you have any questions or need any assistance with your Talent Payments and Rights business, our expert team is available. Just reach out and say hello.


TV Ad Monitoring Delivers Powerful Insights

Scott_LubbersIsn’t technology wonderful? What used to take weeks now takes days, and what used to take days now takes only hours and sometimes even just minutes. The same is true about knowing when your commercial has hit the airwaves. You can know in a matter of hours when a commercial has aired on a channel and at what time, in any of the top major markets. This kind of information used to take days to gather.

If you’re still waiting days to receive information like this, you need to know about the TV monitoring program Extreme Reach rolled out this year. At the beginning of 2013, we deployed hundreds of proprietary cable set-top boxes to homes across all of the largest markets. These boxes connect to the audience’s cable feeds and collectively monitor over 2000 channels 24/7/365.It’s all done in the background with no activity or manual steps required; the hosts don’t even have to be watching TV.

Our set-top boxes monitor for any commercial that has been distributed by Extreme Reach. This is possible through a proprietary process akin to “fingerprinting” the commercial during the distribution process. This process is distinct from the Broadcast Verification products available, where meta-data must be added/inserted to your commercial in order for the service to track it (much the same way closed-captioning is added). Our fingerprinting doesn’t alter commercials at all and doesn’t delay getting ads to the station because it’s seamlessly integrated into the delivery process.

Our boxes are continually scanning the most watched broadcast and cable channels and sending data back to our servers, which sift through and identify matching fingerprints. Within hours, these ad-occurrences are made available to our clients via our platform.

We take those ad occurrences and pair them with rich, market-driven data to give you insights into trends you might not have otherwise considered. And if you also use our platform to deliver online video ads, we can tie the two verticals together to provide insightful cross-media reporting that gives you valuable insight into your campaigns’ performance.

Sound too good to be true? Call your trusted Extreme Reach representative today for details on how to get started.

Extreme Reach Client Manager Wins 2013 Business Management Award


Client Manager, Jude Jean-Pierre (right), with Extreme Reach Sales Manager, Brandon Perry (left)

When clients tell us they appreciate our hard work, we can’t help but gush a little over their kind words. This month, we’re very proud to congratulate Client Manager Jude Jean-Pierre for receiving the 2013 Business Management Award from National Vision, Inc.

National Vision, Inc. (NVI)  is the fourth-largest optical retailer in the United States with more than 700 retail locations and over 6,000 employees in 43 states and Puerto Rico. Their 2013 Business Management Award is given annually to a “company or individual best at administration…troubleshooting and customer response.” All candidates are nominated by National Vision Associates based on their individual experiences with the candidates.

National Vision had great praise for Jean-Pierre’s work coordinating and simplifying their tagging, traffic and distribution processes for television spots, saying that he “goes above and beyond to provide NVI with outstanding service” while playing “a key role in our television advertising.”

Congratulations to Jude Jean-Pierre. And a big thank you to National Vision, Inc. for recognizing Jude’s diligence. To find out how we’re helping other clients succeed every day, check out our Client Stories.


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